Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Sewing Lesson for Vanessa

As I have mention before, my sweet granddaughter Vanessa is learning to sew. She continues to work on her 9 patch quilt and also started her first clothing project yesterday!

This is the pattern that Vanessa chose to be her first sewing project. It is a poncho made using fleece fabric. It will have a front zipper, pockets, and a hood.

First I showed her how to open up the actual pattern and find which pieces she needed for her particular poncho. I had her cut each paper pattern piece out that was needed. In this case is was three pieces.

She then learned how to lay the pattern pieces out on the fabric. She learned what the grain, fold, and selvage of the fabric was. She laid each piece out on her fabric.

After carefully laying out the pattern pieces, she then pinned them to her fabric and was ready to start cutting.

Next we decided she was ready to start sewing. Vanessa learned to wind the bobbin with thread and then threaded the machine with a color matching thread.

She made her shoulder seams and then hemmed the poncho according to the directions. On her next visit she will put the zipper in!

This grandma is very proud of her nine year old granddaughter!! She is so easy to work with and teach. So willing and eager to learn.