Sunday, September 27, 2009

Those that mean the most..........

I haven't really had anything special to write about in the last week. Guess I have been busy with chores that need to be done. As I was thinking of something special to write, I thought of what means the most to me! My family! I am so thankful for each one of them. So, I thought I would write about my family. My family consists of my husband, three children, their spouses, three grandchildren and one more expected in December! So, I will try to tell you in the next few days what make my family special to me! First I will start with my husband.

I met my husband when I was sixteen years old. He was eighteen. We met when I put my application in at a local fast food restaurant. He was already working there. I noticed him the very first day that I was there! I also know that he noticed me too! A year and a half later we were married and recently celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Two years after we married my husband found a new job at a local utility company. He started at the bottom and has worked his way up to his current job as a technician. Some of his best qualities is his honesty and his work ethic. He has not missed a day of work in years. He is hard working and has always provided for his family. He is very quiet and pretty shy. He loves his kids and adores his grandchildren. He likes to hunt during deer and turkey season here in Ohio.

I thank God for my wonderful husband. Check back this week and I'll tell you more about my family!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Announcing my winner!!!

Today is the day that I announce my winner of my Sugar Pie Pumpkin seeds! Thank you so much for entering and leaving nice comments. I had planned to have one winner. I decided that I could do better then that!

I decided to have three winners instead! So I used to pick from my enteries. So, these are my four winners......

1.Esther from Shabby Cottage Collectables

2. Melinda from Country Dreaming

3.Tammy from Flat Creek Farm

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Country Road

It's been a lovely week here in Ohio. The days have been full of sunshine and the evening have been cool. I took a walk down my country road tonight and decided to take my camera along. We had some really big things happen on our road this summer. We now have a blacktop road! We have lived our dirt road for almost thirty years so a paved road is big stuff to us. We live about a half mile from the main road.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Giveaway....

As many of you know, we had a wonderful crop of organically grown sugar pie pumpkins this season. I am selling some on my ebay site. I decided to give a free gift package away to one of my blog friends! You will recive a set of 50 organic Sugar Pie Pumpkin seeds in an handmade muslin drawstring bag ( yes, I made it myself!) and then in a gift bag that says "Planted With Love". The drawing will be September 19, 2009. I will announce the winner on Sunday September 20th in a blog post plus I will contact the winner by email. You will receive an entry for each of these:

1. Posting a comment on this post.
2. Following my blog.
3. Post on your blog about this contest and provide a link to my contest.

Please be sure that I know your email address if it's not readily available on your clickable name.

I will pick a random number to choose the winner. If you want to see a greater write up about our fantastic pumpkins, check out my ebay listing to veiw more details about our seeds.

Dear Fellow Bloggers

I didn't think I had anything special to say today, but I started thinking about how much I enjoy my fellow bloggers. You see, I live way out in the country and don't come in contact with a lot of people. So for me, I truly enjoy my "online friends". It's so inspiring to read everyone's blog and see whats going on in your lives. I love to see pictures of your families and homes. I love hearing about your accomplishments and disapointments. I love your recipes you share. I love seeing pictures of your "neck of the woods"!

So, fellow bloggers, I just wanted to say, I appreciate you and really enjoy reading what you post!!

Have a nice day!

Mary Ann

PS. I thought I would go ahead and post a few pictures that aren't the best, but just everyday life! These pictures are of my three grandchildren taken a few weeks ago. Their farm is just a half a mile down the road from our place.

Friday, September 4, 2009

An Early Evening Walk In Our Woods

Last evening my hubby and I took a little jaunt back into our woods. We have almost 24 acres of hills and woods. Last year, hubby built a pond all by himself! We stocked it with fish last year and now he is really enjoying feeding his fish. We have seen lots of new baby fish.

This is the pond that hubby built. Just him and his tractor! He spend many, many hours of sweat or hard work building this pond. It is about 1/3 of an acre in size.

The woods are such a peaceful place to spend time. We heat our home from the trees from these woods. My hubby spends much time each year cutting and splitting wood to keep us warm and cozy.

Of course, before we get started to the woods, his "girls" are looking for handouts! These two heifer cows are always looking for the feed bucket that usually contains treats of either apples or corn cobs. They will eats right out of his hand.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Lovely Day in Ohio

It's another beautiful day here in Ohio. I just finished up the last batch of my homemade applesauce. I finished with about 43 quarts. That should last us until next year at apple harvesting time. My hubby loves his applesauce in his lunch bucket everyday! If you notice the different of the applesauce, it's the difference of apples. The darker sauce is from the red tree and the lighter comes from the golden delicious apple tree. I carry each batch of applesauce in my basket down to the pantry in my basement. It's so nice to see the jars lined up and quickly growing. So far this season I have canned home grown potatoes, green beans, applesauce, vegetable soup, grape, strawberry, and blueberry jam. I have done a bit of pumpkin for pumpkin pies and bread. I still have more do do though of pumpkin.

I would love to learn how to grow great onions. My onions never get very big. Anyone have any suggestions for growing large onions?

My cat was wondering what I was doing outside today. Guess he wanted his picture taken!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sugar Pie Pumpkins

My hubby is a great gardner. I saved my seeds from my Sugar Pie Pumpkins last year. Hubby planted them this year and we had a nice size crop. There are several ways to cook pumpkin. I freeze my pureed pumpkin to later use for pies and bread.

Apple Snatchers

When I looked out my window a few minutes ago, this is what I saw! I had three apple snatchers under the apple trees. I am glad for them though. We have a nice crop of apples again this year. Some apples fall to the ground and the deer keep them cleaned up for me. That way we don't have to rake them up.

I have more applesauce to make this day. I am hoping to get 14 more quarts made and canned this afternoon.