Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Birthday Party Day!!

My daughter-in-law and I have been planning a surprise birthday party for my son who is turning 30 next week. The party is this evening. It is raining. It has been raining all day, but the party is still going on! We have planned a bonfire and hayride. I also was going to be cooking chili over an open fire. We are having homemade chili with cheese and crackers, barbeque and chicken sandwiches, chips, cake and desserts. We are having sweet tea and apple cider to drink.

It is now pouring rain even harder. Hopefully it will stop..........

This is a picture of my birthday son. He does not like a camera and will avoid looking at one at all cost. He is such a wonderful son. I am so thankful for him and also proud of him.


Country Dreaming said...

You are a brave one! Good Luck.
Happy Birthday to said son!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Hope the party goes well! Your son is very handsome!! He should look straight in the camera and give you a nice picture, maybe with you standing next to him!