Saturday, January 16, 2010

A disaster hit today!

I had an unfortunate disaster in my kitchen today. I put a pound of lovely white chocolate on the stove to melt. The bad thing was I forgot all about it and began to do some other chores. I changed the bed clothes on one bed, tidy the room up and did a few other things. All of a sudden I smelled something burning and noticed that my house was filling with smoke! It was then that I remembered the chocolate. I ran to the kitchen to find the white chocolate was now a burnt brown chocolate. The bottom of the pan that had the water in it was bone dry and smoking!! The top pan with the chocolate was charred. I had to open doors and windows just to let out the smoke in my kitchen. I have not decided which was worse, ruining my pan or wasting a whole pound of chocolate!!!! I did go on and melt another pound of dark chocolate and make chocolate covered pretzels. Yes, I stayed in the room while the chocolate was melting!!


Rebecca said...

I did this esact same thing one. Only I had slivered almonds in mine. Not paying attention to what I was doing could have burned my house down aside from me wasting the $15 bucks on chocolate and nuts! :(

I'm glad you are oK...God is good!

Love, Rebecca

Country Dreaming said...

Oh goodness--glad you smelled it before ther was a big problem.
Those pretzels look delish!


Cathy said...

Here's a funny story for you. I always have pounds of chocolate melts in the house, especially at Christmas. Well, I usually put it in a glass bowl and microwave it on defrost so I don't burn it (which I usually do).

One day I got up and looked in the bowl of white chocolate and it was all burned. I knew I didn't do it. I looked at my DH and said "did you melt this last night while I was sleeping to eat some?" He just looked at me! GUILTY. I told him he didn't have to sneak and eat it, he could eat it in front of me and actually have as much as he wanted! For some reason he thinks it tastes better when he is sneaking it!

Your pretzels looks scrumptious.

xo Cathy

Rose Haven said...

Yummy pretzels!!

So glad nothing worse happened...then burnt chocolate and ruined pans.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I did that once, only with green beans in a pot. The pot was so badly burned I had to throw it away also.

Those pretzels look so yummy! One of my favorite snacks!! Glad you were able to get them done perfectly this time!