Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Think Spring Is Really Here!

It's been a little while since I posted. I have been busy sewing for another wedding. It's finished and it was beautiful. It's always nice to see a bride and groom so happy and in love. It's also a nice feeling to know that I had a little part in creating the beautiful satin gowns that will be part of the bride's wedding memories.

We've had one new calf born this spring. We are waiting on one more that is due anytime now! My hubby is getting things ready for his garden. He has also planted another apple tree. We've never had too much success with our grape arbor. We think it does not get enough sun. So, Hubby is starting a new arbor in a sunnier spot!

Wishing you a beautiful week.

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from my front porch... said...

Oh, the little calf is too cute. Yep, seeing all the calves on the ground means spring is here!
Nice to have you back. Maybe show us a little of the wedding sewing? I am so jealous of your incredible talent!!

Happy day! misha