Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sewing In Roses

Don't know if I am crazy, but I think I have a love affair with beautiful fabric. I am drawn to my fabric like someone that collects rare jewels. I just love my fabric stash. I love beautiful florals the best. I prefer soft blues, pinks, lavenders, and soft mint greens. I am drawn to soft colors and designs better then bold bright colors.

I love the way my bolts of fabric look all lined up neatly. The beautiful colors just warm my I hopeless or what?

Yesterday I chose a beautiful medium blue cotton fabric with sweet pink roses. I turned the fabric into a sweet little handbag lined with a gorgeous pink striped fabric.

I buy most of my fabric from the sweet Long ladies at Marie-Madeline Studio. Marie-Madeline is a fabric store operated my a mother and four daughters team. They offer the most beautiful fabrics and a delightful array of patterns that they have created. Yes, I have to admit that I own most all of the patterns they have designed. They also have the sweetest blog

I hope to create someting new again today. Kind of helps the dreary days we have been having here in Ohio. I have a new quilt in the planning. I just ordered some new fabrics from Marie-Madeline Studio to go with some that I already have. I'll keep you posted about that project!

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Jilly said...

You are not hopeless; I am the same! Mmmmmmmmm! Does that make us both hopeless??

Anyhoo, I think we just know pretty fabric when we see it!