Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Fabric Designers

I was just wondering who your favorite fabric designer is? That's kind of a hard question for those of you who are like me and simply adore fabric!! I beleive my very favorite designer is Tanya Whelan. I love the palate of colors she uses in her fabrics. Lots of pale pink, blue, yellow, green, and reds! Lots of florals, dots, and stripes. I always favor softer colors when choosing my fabrics.
These designs are from Tanya's Delilah can see all of them here

I love the quality of Amy Butler's fabrics. This is a photo of Amy in her studio.

Amy actually lives about 15 miles from my home! No, I have never had the pleaseure of meeting her in person. She designs bright and bold fabrics. I love the quality and I like a few of her designs but they are a little bolder then what I tend to like.

I like quite a few of Michael Miller's fabrics too. Who is your favorite fabric designers?

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Rebecca said...

She is amazing indeed...but then girly...SO ARE YOU! Definitely one of the most gifted girls I knows. You bless us all!