Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lavender in a canning jar????

Several months ago I found a blog post that captured my interest. The posting was about making homemade lavender laundry soap. Ms Chandeen of Designed by Chance showed a nice tutorial about making lavender laundry soap. I decided then and there that I wanted to try this. I gathered up the supplies but decided to wait a little. I happened to have an ample supply of laundry detergent on hand. Today I decided to attempt the recipe! Oh wow, did my kitchen ever smell nice!

This is the ingredients that I used:

(3) four ounce bars of Castile soap
(1) 55 ounce box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
(1) 76 ounce box of 20 Mule Team Borax
(1) half ounce bottle NOW 100% pure lavender oil

I grated the bars of soap in my food processor. I then mixed all ingredients in a large pan. I filled quart canning jars with the mixture. I had the jars on hand, so instead of buying a large jar, I just used the canning jars and divided it up.

I have read various amonts to use per load. I have read anywhere between one tablespoon to one fourth cup per load. Maybe I will start with one eigth cup per load and see how that does.

My next recipe to try is homemade lavender fabric softner. I have found the recipe. Just need to gather the supplies.

Anyone else out there tried their own laundry recipes?


Mariliz said...

I've made the Homemade liquid detergent.

Ruby Jean said...

I have always wanted to try making the homemade laundry detergent..but have yet to do it..this looks lovely,..I will have to write out the recipe and try it...

Flat Creek Farm said...

I like the powdered version much better than the liquid, and it's so much easier to make! Plus, I'm going to try your recipe since it's a larger quantity. I keep running out :) Thanks, Mary Ann.. hope you are doing well! -Tammy

Beth said...

Please let us know how you like this, and whether you'd make any changes. I'm sure it has a lovely scent!

Savories of Life said...

We make our own and sell it too. Just started. Come over and follow me. I would follow but my button kicked me off again.

Brenda said...

Can this be used in the front load HE Machine? Mine gets smelly also. Not sure if it is the machine because I have heard these tend to have that problem or our well water.