Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Fellow Bloggers

I didn't think I had anything special to say today, but I started thinking about how much I enjoy my fellow bloggers. You see, I live way out in the country and don't come in contact with a lot of people. So for me, I truly enjoy my "online friends". It's so inspiring to read everyone's blog and see whats going on in your lives. I love to see pictures of your families and homes. I love hearing about your accomplishments and disapointments. I love your recipes you share. I love seeing pictures of your "neck of the woods"!

So, fellow bloggers, I just wanted to say, I appreciate you and really enjoy reading what you post!!

Have a nice day!

Mary Ann

PS. I thought I would go ahead and post a few pictures that aren't the best, but just everyday life! These pictures are of my three grandchildren taken a few weeks ago. Their farm is just a half a mile down the road from our place.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Your grandkids are the cutest! And we appreciate you as well :) -Tammy

Effie said...

I was poking around and found your site. I read through quite a bit of your posts and really liked what I read. So I decided to follow.

I live in Florida, so it will be neat to see what is going on in another part of the country.

Have a good day!

Myra said...

I've been sewing this week and have been thinking about you! I hope you're having a great week!

Your pumpkins are amazing. I would enter the giveaway, but I have no place to plant them. Someday! :)